Lawentus Leistungen Corporate

Corporate-law advice across all phases of your business's existence

Incorporation, growth strategies, reorganization – these are all complex topics that require a forward-looking advisor at your side.  Lawentus offers support in all aspects of corporate-law, advising medium-sized companies, family-operated businesses, and listed stock corporations on their day-to-day business as well as specialized matters of corporate law and partnership law.

We provide support in preparing for and holding shareholders' meetings and general meetings, changes of executive management, and matters involving a company's management and supervisory boards. Likewise, we assist our clients during squeeze-outs and structural measures and with matters of international corporate law. 

Another core area for our team is advising managing directors and members of management and supervisory boards.  We provide comprehensive advice on questions relating to the business judgement rule and on all matters of directors' and officers' liability of corporate officers and bodies.