Lawentus Leistungen Restrukturierung & Insolvenz

Comprehensive advice to businesses in crisis

Any company can find itself in financial trouble at some point in time. Looking beyond the crisis to recognize the opportunities and prospects that these situations also present is the hallmark of good legal advice. Lawentus offers companies, their executive management and shareholders as well as investors and creditors a full range of advice on restructuring and insolvency-related matters, including Distressed M&A. 

For companies at risk of insolvency, we develop strategies for averting insolvency or proceeding with a reorganization. A crisis also entails risks for the company's executive management and shareholders.  We advise them on how to meet their obligations under insolvency law. 

Moreover, we also advise creditors of companies that are insolvent or at risk of insolvency. We support these creditors in securing and enforcing rights and claims as well as financial restructuring measures such as refinancing, reorganization loans, capital measures and debt equity swaps. Finally, we also advise insolvency administrators on structuring processes or sales transactions in or out of insolvency.

We consider it one of the strengths of our legal practice that we combine legal, tax, and business administration tools in an effective and productive way. For your convenience, we work in cooperation our partner firm BAY GmbH to offer you integrated and customized solutions - before, during and after a crisis.